Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society
Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society

Publicity Committee - FCGHS

The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for promoting society activities and publications for advancing the interests and purposes of the Society. The committee shall promote fund-raising events. (Society By-Laws)

Hello, my name is Laurie Hermance-Moore and I am the Publicity Chairperson.
I carry our brochures with me everywhere. I also carry our publications sheet. I don't want to pass up the opportunity to promote the Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society.
The Publicity Committee is responsible for getting the word out regarding different events and workshops. These are posted on public message boards on the internet such as Facebook; Franklin County, Ohio Community Events; Flyers are passed out to Libraries. I have also emailed surrounding counties libraries and the Genealogical & Historical Societies so that they can post the events. You never know where a relative may be living. A lot of people know that their ancestor came from a specific place other than where they are now. For example, I had ancestors that went west from Franklin County...Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma.
You also never know when someone may be coming into the area for a different event about the same time you are having one. This will enable them to plan in advance to hopefully come to yours.
I have also passed out our brochures in several other counties....Madison, Licking, Jackson, Clark, Ashland, Montgomery. No matter where I go I will leave a few brochures. Actually I have left our brochures in other states (Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, West Virginia).
When we attend different events locally we take brochures, flyer with our publications listed, flyer with the different interest groups. These can be placed on tables so that anyone with an interest in genealogy can pick it up. They can also talk to us about genealogy.
The main thing is promoting genealogy.
We have a table at the Dublin Irish Festival each year. We also have a table at Century Village in Grove City when they have the different events - Civil War Re-Enactment Encampment, Old Harvest Day and other events held there. We participate in the Arts in the Alley in Grove City.