Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society
Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society

Projects Committee - FCGHS

The Projects Committee shall coordinate and maintain records of all Society research projects and publish appropriate reports. All projects, published and unpublished, shall be the property of The Franklin County Genealogical and Historical Society, and royalties from all publications are to accrue to the Society except those in direct conflict with copyright law. (Society By-Laws)

My name is Bruce Ratekin and I am currently the chairman for the Projects Committee.
Our mission is to manage the society's research process and developing a framework for prioritization and related templates that will be used by any teams who wishes to propose a new research project.
Or in plain english we manage the priorities and oversee the various research projects for the Society.
Currently the Society is working on the following projects.
01.   Boehm Project – Project Leader: Jayne Davis
02.   Chancery 10 – Project Leader: Terry Snapp
03.   African American Pioneer Families – Project Leader: Nettie Ferguson – identify AA Families prior to Dec. 31, 1830.
04.   Pioneer Pedigree Input to Roots Magic – Project Leader: Pam Barrett
05.   Cemetery Index Project – Project Leader: Bruce Ratekin.
06.   Web Page – Project Leader: Bruce Ratekin
07.   Chancery 11 - Project Leader: Bill Marley
08.   Order Books – total 17 Volumes – 9 complete - Project Leader: (LOOKING for volunteer)
09.   Eastlawn & Evergreen Cemetery Project – Project Leaders: Jayne, Darlene, and Nettie.
10.   Wills – Project Leader: (LOOKING for volunteer)