Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society
Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society

DNA Committee of FCGHS

The DNA Committee shall inform and educate members about DNA resources and processes for genealogical and historical information. (Society By-Laws)

Genetic Genealogy
Breaking through your Brick Walls with DNA
DNA testing has exploded onto the genealogy world stage and has given us a dynamic new tool that can take your research from “Dead End” to “On the Road Again”.
Central Ohio DNA Interest Group
Help Wanted
Genetic ancestry testing, or genetic genealogy, is a way for people interested in family history (genealogy) to go beyond what they can learn from relatives or from historical documentation. Examination of DNA variations can provide clues about where a person's ancestors might have come from and about relationships between families.
The Franklin County Genealogical and Historical Society is in need of a DNA Special Interest Group Leader.
Contact us at  (614) 849-1239 or e-mail if You can HELP
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