Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society
Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society

Presidents Message

January 2022 President’s Message
Dear Society Members & Friends:
At the close of 2021, FCGHS started a governance transformation. A new constitution and by-laws were approved and we held our annual luncheon event in person once more, after a 2020 hiatus. Our event was a template for connecting in a pandemically aware environment and showed what’s possible in face-to-face Central Ohio events.
I am honored to be your new President and want to acknowledge the leadership provided by Gayle Wilson over the past 4+ years. I look forward to serving FCGHS, but I’m humbled too, considering the many perennial, professional, and persistent officers and volunteers who have kept the Society active for more than 50 years. It is on their foundation that I stand.
I know and have built relationships with many of you, but for those that I have not yet met, let me share with you a high-level vision for organization involvement this next biennium. In 2022 and 2023, my objectives will be,
1) to increase our membership levels
2) to re-affirm the value of belonging to the Society, and
3) to continue to provide you and the greater genealogy/family history community with solutions and opportunities through FCGHS resources. This vision of increase, insight, and investment will empower all stakeholders to elevate and expand their knowledge in this treasured discipline.
In everything we do, our objective is to build the opportunity for members to build relationships while creating a platform for skill-building. Our programs are shaped by our Society leadership, continuing industry education and industry trends, specifically for you. We provide a platform for learning by doing - and from each other. Having a strong network that you can call on is beneficial and essential as your legacy quest grows.
If you have an idea, suggestion, comment, or feedback, please contact me to convey your thoughts. If you’re interested in making a difference, we have Board and Committee vacancies and I’d be happy to explain how you can get involved.
Thank you once more for electing me and I look forward to serving you.
Cecelia McFadden
FCGHS President
We want to encourage members to consider submitting their Linage applications. Darlene Ford is the Lineage Chair and is available to assist you in completing your applications. We currently offer memberships into the following groups: Members who are ….
  1. Pioneer Families-Direct descendants of persons arriving in Franklin County by December 31, 1930.
  2. War of 1812 Families-Direct or collateral relatives of any person in Franklin County with ties who served in the War of 1812.
  3. Builders & Settlers –Direct descendants of persons who arrived in Franklin County from 1831- December 31, 1860.
  4. Civil War Families-Direct descendants or collateral relatives of any person with Franklin County ties who served in the Civil War.
  5. Victorian Families-Direct descendants of persons who arrived in Franklin from 1861-through December 31, 1899.
  6. 20th Century Families-Direct Descendants who arrived in Franklin County 1900- Through December 31, 1999.
  7. 21th Century Families-Direct Descendants who arrived in Franklin County 2000-through December 31, 2099.
  8. African American Great Migration Society of Franklin County 1880-December 31, 1950)
Remember to renew your membership. Consider a Life Membership