Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society
Franklin County Genealogical & Historical Society

Mission Statement

The Franklin County Genealogical and Historical Society Mission Statement

To create and build interest in preserving and collecting genealogical and historical records of Franklin County and Ohio. To take an active part in preserving, collecting and publishing records, making them available for public use in research as deemed appropriate by the Society. To facilitate and share ideas, information, methods and practices of genealogy and historical research. To support the objectives of the Ohio Genealogical Society and the Federation of Genealogical Societies. 

Operating Year: January - December 2016

Executive Board
President: Jayne Davis
President Elect: Gayle Wilson
Recording Secretary: Lanna Blue
Treasurer: Terry Snapp
Corresponding Sect'ry:
Immediate Past President: Rebecca Taft
Board of Trustee
Trustee - President: Jayne Davis
Trustee - President Elect: Gayle Wilson
Trustee - Recording Secretary: Lanna Blue
Trustee - Treasurer: Terry Snapp
Trustee - Corresponding Sect'r: Pamela Barrett
Trustee - Corresponding Sect'r:
Trustee - Ad Hoc Committee: Sheldon Taft
Trustee - 2016: Barbara Howison
Trustee - 2016: Russ Pollitt
Trustee - 2017: Sheryl Dayton
Trustee - 2017: Molly Pickard-Lovsey
Trustee - 2018: Stephanie Sparrow-Hughes
Trustee - 2018: R. Caroline Redding
Committee Chairpersons
African-American Group: Gayle Wilson
Calendar: Shelley Bishop
DNA Interest Group: Debra Nowell
Editor, Franklintonian: Rickie Longfellow
Education/ Program: Julie Callahan
Library: Russ Pollitt
Lineage Group: Sheryl Dayton
Projects Committee: Bruce Ratekin
Publicity Chairperson: Laurie Hermance-Moore Molly Pickard-Lovsey
Track it Forward: Kelli Bergheimer